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  • Argus PT Lite Smart Wireless Pan & Tilt Security Camera with 3MP Super HD


    Effortlessly Secure Your Space

    Achieve comprehensive monitoring with the Argus PT Lite. Its 355° horizontal and 140° vertical rotation capability ensures full coverage of larger areas in 3MP resolution. With built-in IR LEDs, this camera guarantees clear visibility, day or night.


    Key Features:


    Day and Night Vision:

    -Enjoy clear visibility round the clock.

    -Day Vision

    -Night Vision


    Smart Alerts, No Fees:

    -Benefit from accurate alerts without subscription fees.

    -Smart Detection: Recognizes people and vehicles, reducing false alerts.

    -Real-Time Communication: Engage instantly with two-way communication.


    Eco-Friendly & Cost-Saving:

    -Opt for sustainable power options.

    -Rechargeable Battery: Fast-charging for long wire-free runtime.

    -Solar Panel: Continuously powers the camera for uninterrupted protection.


    Remote Access, Anytime & Anywhere:

    -Stay connected and in control.

    -Smart Real-Time Alert: Receive notifications via app, email, or sound alerts.

    -Live View from Anywhere: Monitor your space remotely.

    -Smart Playback: Easily review recorded footage.

    -Customisable Motion Zone: Tailor detection areas to your needs.


    Compatibility with Voice Assistants:

    -Control your cameras effortlessly.

    -Work With Alexa: Seamlessly integrate with Alexa for voice control.

    -Google Assistant Compatibility: Manage your cameras with voice commands.


    Time Lapse:

    -Capture dynamic events in moments.

    -Condense lengthy processes into shareable time-lapse clips.


    Encrypted Storage Options:

    -Keep your data secure.

    -SD Card & Cloud Storage: Choose between local and cloud storage options.


    Weatherproof Design:

    -Ensure durability in any conditions.

    -Survives Rain, Snow, and Wind: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


    Upgrade your security effortlessly with the Argus PT Lite. Order now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your space is protected, day and night, rain or shine.

    Argus PT Lite Smart Wireless Pan & Tilt Security Camera with 3MP Super HD

    £129.99 Regular Price
    £123.49Sale Price
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