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  • Argus Track 4K Dual-Lens Wi-Fi Solar/Battery Camera with Auto-Zoom Tracking


    Introducing Reolink Argus Track, the pinnacle of modern surveillance technology. With its cutting-edge 4K dual-lens design, this innovative camera offers unparalleled clarity and coverage. Equipped with advanced auto-zoom tracking capabilities, it intelligently follows subjects, ensuring no movement goes unnoticed. Whether powered by solar energy or batteries, its wireless connectivity ensures seamless integration into any environment.




    Auto-Tracking Technology: By automatically detecting and tracking individuals, vehicles, or animals within the coverage area, nothing will escape its eye. With the pan-tilt function, you can experience 360° surveillance and say goodbye to blind spots.


    Dual-Lens View with 6× Hybrid Zoom: Capture the full picture in stunning 4K clarity and simultaneously zoom in at 6× on the moving target to unveil every detail. By displaying full-view and close-up images in one frame, Argus Track ensures you don't miss a beat.


    4K Color Night Vision: Equipped with f/1.6 aperture lenses and two spotlights, this camera reveals vibrant 4K details even in low light. With clarity extending up to 30 meters (100 feet), faces are distinctly captured at night. No more worries about threats lurking in the dark.


    Person/Vehicle/Animal Detection: Get informed instantly when any suspicious object gets in. Upon detection, spotlights and sirens will activate immediately, alerting intruders with bright lights and loud alarms. Plus, you'll receive real-time push on your smartphone for added peace of mind.


    Flexible Storage Options: Secure your footage with Reolink standalone storage options, no hub needed. The cutting-edge encryption technology safeguards your memories against unauthorized access even in the event of camera theft or microSD card (Max. 128GB, not included) damage.


    No Cables, No Limits: Experience hassle-free installation and setup with this rechargeable, wire-free camera. Say goodbye to complex wiring. Place it anywhere, or even take it with you on your travels to enjoy unmatched convenience and effortless protection.


    Argus Track 4K Dual-Lens Wi-Fi Solar/Battery Camera with Auto-Zoom Tracking

    £209.99 Regular Price
    £199.49Sale Price
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