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WiFi & Networking

Supply, Install & Maintain

Network switch and ethernet cable in rac

Home And Business Network Installation 

The productivity of your workforce depends on a sturdy data network. Ensure your staff have access to a reliable and stable connection and have access to all necessary resources round-the-clock to maximize productivity. At HBET, we specialize in business network installation and can provide a reliable team of network cable installation specialists to support your business network now and in the future.

Improve your current business or home network coverage and/or its reliability with HBET. We offer a range of network services and solutions to ensure that your network runs efficiently. HBET has installed quality data networks for numerous high-profile clients; visit our case studies page to learn more.

Our team of experts assists clients with a broad range of services including network relocation, data cabling for new premises, and more. Our technical experts are available to discuss your requirements, from setting up new Wi-Fi networks with traffic shaping to facilitate VoIP or cloud migration, to solving connectivity issues.

Stay Connected on Tablet | HBET

Learn more about our business network installation and other network services below.

Data cabling is a vital aspect of our operations, and our specialist engineers have installed thousands of miles of data cabling across diverse environments, including schools, hospitals, listed buildings, and ships. Our professional, standards-compliant networks work seamlessly for years and are designed to outlive devices attached to them.

Networking | HBET

Wi-Fi is an essential part of the modern workplace, and our specialist engineers can set up a dedicated guest network to ensure your business network remains safeguarded while your visitors receive a seamless experience.

Wireless backhaul service conveniently extends your network to neighboring properties or buildings where physical fiber is too costly or complex to install.

Whole Earth Connected Blue | HBET

Business relocation can be challenging, but we remove the stress to allow you to focus on your business while we handle the network relocation seamlessly.

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